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Extinction Rebellion ?


Extinction Rebellion is a nonviolent global environmental movement with the stated aim of using civil disobedience to compel government action to avoid tipping points in the climate system, biodiversity loss, and the risk of social and ecological collapse .

Well the few clips of film shown widely on TV news this week , taken at a London underground station certainly didn’t look nonviolent. One protested who had managed to climb on top of an underground train was forcibly pull down of the train by a mob of angry commuters and there were scuffles on the platform , again between supporters of Extinction Rebellion and train passengers.

Now here’s my take on the situation. I am all for direct action , any one who cares about our natural world should be worried about the rapid decline in wildlife and the destruction of ecosystems all around the world.

Whilst direct action at a tube station may grab headlines , it’s affecting the wrong people. Normal decent folks just trying to get to work , school etc. If you want direct action , peacefully target the head offices of the large multinational companies . government institutions and political offices. It seems simple to me , protest at shareholder meetings where the fat cats of industry get fatter. Not at a railway station where Mr & Mrs average are just trying to make a living.

What is needed is real political will to change how we do business , work and play. Like it or not look at the success of UKIP , a party that was set up for one purpose only . Here is a radical idea, how about all the various groups with a vested interest in the environment , the Green Party , The Wildlife trusts and even Extinction Rebellion for example joining forces at the next election. Even if no one gets elected into government a political ground swell of support might be enough to change main stream policies ?

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  1. I agree about targeting the fat cats of industry who drive the neeed to destroy our wild places. I don’t think you should put too much trust in the Green party though. Even they, if in power, would be pushing the growth economy, all be it with a green tinge. Here in New Zealand, our green party leadership are pushing the “sustainable growth” economy model. Which is a contradiction in terms. Sustain meaning to keep something in its current state, unchanged and growth..meaning to expand. We need to be cutting back on consumerism not encouraging its growth. We’re doomed I’m sorry to say. After mankind’s demise, nature will bounce back.


    • The Green Party was only an example. There can be good eco friendly development. If we redevelop on the same footprint and start to utilise our technology. Green roofs , water harvesting and wind power are all achievable and unlike solar power don’t destroy the environment during manufacture. Ultimately there are just to many of one species on this earth….. and how do we solve that ?


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