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words and images by Peter Hanscomb


For the past three weeks I have been touring around the National Parks of the Canadian Rockies . Based in the town of Banff , In Banff National Park. It’s very interesting  to note the differences between how National  Parks are managed in Canada compared with the UK.

Little or no industry in the Canadian Parks , with the few small towns that exist limited almost completely when it comes to expansion. A robust policy on animal interaction inforced by Parks Canada and a whole different emphasis on protecting the landscape and wildlife.


It really feels that the humans live in Man corridors, with only a few roads , one railway and very few settlements. Add in road closures during sensitive times of the year and trail closures , it feels like the total reverse to the UK.


71BF9CD2-1D9A-4CFF-8136-3FE0B406E6BDThe major highway in Banff National Park is The trans-Canadian highway One. Once you pass the park boundary the highway is fenced in , creating a safer zone for both humans and animals. Numerous Bear bridges and animal underpasses cross above and below the highway connection habitats on both sides.

Over the next couple of weeks I will look closer at how Parks Canada manages the Parks for the benefit of both the local humans , tourists and wildlife.

Just a quick thank you to all the kind folk in Banff who looked after us during our stay.



All images © Wild by Photographic Solutions 2018


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