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by Peter Hanscomb

Fly , no not the insect but a reference to flying , via a jet on holiday . So here is the background. I would call myself environment aware. As you may recall I studied the environment before we knew we had an environment way way back in the early eighties.

We recycle , re use and don’t replace things around the house until they break. And I’m not keen on waste. I like to walk and yes I do have a car and ido use it every day . So do I care about nature and my local environment. A big fat yes .

So an item on the BBC website started a big debate in the office , should we fly for a holiday ? So here is a confession, I will soon be flying to Canada for a holiday. Yes not very environmentally friendly but I only have a couple of weeks , so there really is no other alternative. We only fly a couple of times a year , and if possible we try to use alternative modes of transport.

So a flight for holiday is a compromise. However with modern technology and communications , couldn’t the business world help reduce the effect of flying ? How many pointless business flights happen every day. I know in the past I’ve been to meetings when some attendees have flown in , and we could have easily conducted the meeting via Skype or a conference call.

What do you think ?

Should i fly ?

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