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It’s just a fox

It’s just a fox.

Peter Hanscomb

It’s just a fox , and a mange ridden one at that , words of comfort I think from one of my friends. And without naming names , he’s right of course. GG was after all just a wild fox.

A wild fox who arrived at our garden day in , day out like clockwork, just before 9 pm every night. A gentle natured Fox , who learned very early on to tolerate my presence. A wild fox with whom I gained trust . During his visits I would sit by the side of our drive , Watch a feed GG the occasional dog treat. During the time we tried to treat him , he would always approach and eat his tablets hidden in cheese.

Even when he had been caught, and was at the rescue centre there was still no aggression for him , and the centre staff over the short time he was there had developed a soft spot for him.  Definitely not just a fox , a special fox and not just for me, but…….

Even if my friend is right , And GG was just a wild fox , who’s relationship with humans , especially me was all about an easy meal , surely a wild animal isn’t just a wild animal ?

I think we should look out for our wild visitors, but not just our of sentiment or because we want to humanise them. We are all part of one environment and to offen we humans take take take. More land for housing , more land for roads . Land other animals depended on for survival. Perhaps what GG taught me is it’s ok to help our wild neighbours, and to gain a closer connection with our environment and Mother Nature in the process.


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