2020 – TB5


2020  Challenge , The Big Five

by Peter Hanscomb

The big five , a wildlife term for used to describe Africa’s hardest animals to track , and thankfully now photograph. The Elephant , Rhino , Lion , Buffalo and Leopard.  And the focus of my own photographic challenge for 2020. So there is going to have to be a twist , as I’m pretty sure we don’t have many wild elephants, lions , buffalo, leopards or rhinos running around the Wiltshire countryside.

I’m a firm believer in following your local wildlife. So the first condition to my challenge is a set area to take photo’s in , let’s say a10 mile radius from my home address.

Then there is the five alternative animals , The Fox , Badger , Hedgehog , Squirrel and Mallard. So not quite the Big Five , but still some of my favourite animals to photograph.

My challenge is to try to find and follow each of the animals in the above list throughout 2020 , Photographing their young and following their individual adventures.

Let me know what animals you would choose, or if you think my list should change.



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