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GG , post capture

If you’ve been following the story , GG the fox is no longer at liberty. His freedom curtailed last night by the combined efforts off neighbours, friends , the wife and Elle from the RSPCA. As you may know if you have been following the story GG is in a bad way with fox mange.

After we captured him last night , Elle from the RSPCA took GG to a local animal rescue centre , where he spent the night in solitary confinement, awaiting assessment.


We have just return from visiting our little friend and the good news is he should make a full recovery, subject to how he handles the treatment . We are definitely not out of the woods yet, but it all looks positive. Provided all goes to plan we will soft release GG back into our garden in three to four weeks.

A big thank you to all of you out there , wherever you may be in the world. Your support has kept us strong.


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  1. Yah! All Gods creatures deserve a helping hand once in a while. And I think he places such creatures in our midst to care for them when they can’t help themselves, after all Adam was placed in Eden to care for the animals.


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