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GG update

GG update

by Peter Hanscomb


IMG_6829GG , update 25th August. So here’s GG our elusive fox with mange . If you’ve been following his story we have been trying to help this young fox for a month now , trying to trap him in a fox trap unsuccessfully and feeding him antibiotics stuffed into jam sandwichs. So far all our efforts have failed, however the picture above is quite special. It was taken at 3.50 pm today and as you can see the mange is a lot worst than we first suspected.

We were both watching him from the kitchen door and for once , he lost his bearings and bolted for the far side of the garden , so we took our chance and ran out blocking his only escape route. What followed was a four hour stand off with GG hiding in a bush . During this time we railed the troops , friends Martin and Lee , myself and Anne, our new neighbour Paul , Elle from the RSPCA , who supplied the equipment and expertise and eventually our other neighbours Nicki and Jason.

After an epic chase around our garden including an impressive escape into next doors garden , lasting nearly an hour we finally managed to catch our fox.

Yes that’s right , we have got him !

He doesn’t look good , and it will be touch and go , he may not survive, but now he has a real chance.

A big thank you to my wife Anne , Elle from the RSPCA , Martin , Lee, Paul, Nicki and Jason. Of course we will keep you up to date with any news.

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