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Dilemma – “a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives”

by Peter Hanscomb

I have a dilemma , not personal but more of a difficult choice , specifically what camera or cameras to take on my upcoming hollibobs. ( that’s a holiday or vacation for most normal people ) Now this should be an easy choice surely for someone who claims to be a wildlife photographer , a reference i loosely apply to myself from time to time. But and here’s the but it’s not just a holiday.

We will be flying over the pond to the Canadian Rockies , Banff National Park to be precise for a much anticipated three week holiday-vacation to celebrate a significant milestone birthday , not mine , my wife’s.

Great , wildlife photographer, that’s me , visits one of the worlds most amazing National Parks ( other parks are available ) absolutely full to the brim with all sorts of wildlife. Bears , Moose , Wolves , Birds of all descriptions and my favourite , tour buses full of tourists just like me.

So the first sticky point , It’s a special time in a very special place , celebrating my wife’s birthday , who is just for the record the love of my life. Wildlife + camera = bus man’s holiday ? Okay so we are away for three weeks , so a few days photographing wildlife wouldn’t hurt .

Sticky point number two , what camera or combination of cameras should i take ?. This one is the more difficult question and i have multiple answers. Simple just a point and shoot , i have recently acquired a new Canon Powershot SX70 HS bridge camera. Small and compact , easy to pack with a decent zoom range. But it’s not my favourite 5ds.

Ok , i have enough baggage allowance to carry on a camera bag , so i could take my DSLR with me but that means lenses , lot’s of lenses. Well at least three , a wide angled , my 24-70mm , 70-200mm and 500mm. Yes i know that’s four lenses and that’s the problem . I am now up to a large bag and a lot of kit.

My other option is a bit of a hybrid , take the new Canon for it’s long lens and people snaps , and my trusted 5ds and a wide angled lens for a few landscape snaps . I think the phrase is something like ” first world problems ”

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  1. I’m by no means a photographer but struggle with the same issue every trip. If I just take the point and shoot? I’ll find something marvelous that required the big guns. If I take the big gun? I don’t need it and could have taken more shoes. It is indeed a dilemma….


  2. That will be a wonderful trip, and in shoulder season – all the better. I love traveling the Rockies in Autumn. My husband and I lug around a ridiculous amount of cameras (mostly film, but one dslr) when we travel and I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I take 5 times as many photos with my iPhone, as it’s tiny lens is fairly wide. Sometimes it’s quite freeing to move about without carrying a big camera, but boy do I regret not having the dslr with 300mm lens attached when I have a really good wildlife encounter. I’m not sure I just gave any useful advice though, sorry!


    • Should explain , we live in the uk , and we have visited the Canadian rockies every year for the past 17 years , actually this will be our 20th trip. So have lots of photos , still can’t decided what to take ,lol

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      • Ah, well that does not necessarily make the decision any easier! You are so fortunate to make the yearly visits to the Canadian Rockies. They must feel like a second home by now!


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