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Jeni Bell’s Wild Britain – Wild woman of Bird Fair

Wild woman of Bird Fair

words  by Jeni Bell

The continued adventures Of Jeni , Bill and Millie……..

The muddy boots have been hung up, new books packed away, and my bird nerd hangover has finally subsided. The come down from my first Birdfair has been a shock to the system. I’m no longer surrounded by nature enthusiasts who are happy to drop anything to talk at length about the wild world, there are no top of the range optics on hand to try out, and no endless book stalls to trawl through. Luckily though, just outside my window, flitting through the conifer trees that tap on the van roof, is a goldcrest. A quiet, delicate reminder that wild is everywhere – even in the smallest of forms.

Today, I find myself reflecting a little bit differently on the weekend. I’m not thinking about the birds, or the fancy optics, today I’m reflecting on the people I met, the people I saw talk and share both their knowledge and their passion. And when I say people, I mean women.

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