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Month: August 2019

David Plummer

David Plummer , Photographer and Conservationist. David is a wildlife photographer: that means he only takes pictures of wild animals in their natural habitat. His extensive knowledge of the animals […]

My Top Tips

My Top Tips by Bob Brind-Surch, professional photographer and naturalist . I am often asked for my top ten tips as a wildlife photographer and always mumble my way […]

The Cat and Hog

A question often asked about hedgehogs , are they safe with dogs and cats ? . The answer is yes , there are the occasional dog attacks but the only […]

GG update

GG update by Peter Hanscomb GG , update 25th August. So here’s GG our elusive fox with mange . If you’ve been following his story we have been trying to […]
GG update


Dilemma – “a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives” by Peter Hanscomb I have a dilemma , not personal but more […]

Bumper Hogs

Bumper Hogs by Peter Hanscomb Two hedgehogs in the garden last night , Grumpy one of our winter guests from last year and Tina , the youngster we rescued last […]

Kit Bag – Takeway Clampod T1

Like most photographers i’m guilty of buying al-sorts of camera gizmo’s , many of which end up in one of my storage boxes gathering dust. The Takeway Clampod T1 definitely […]