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Now mow – update

No mow , the story continues…..

by Peter Hanscomb

May 2019 , Alex White and Say no to the mow. There is undoubtedly a squeeze on wild habitats with what seems an relentless expansion of urban areas and demand for new housing , shops , schools and factories in the U.K..

However there is a growing movement, say no to the mow, basically translated it means leaving a small part of your garden , or for local councils parts of your grass verge to grow naturally during spring and early summer creating mini wild meadows  which in turn helps our local Wildlife.

There can be a cost saving for local councils, but the real winner has to be the insects and pollinators, who in turn provide food for birds and small mammals .


I have just had my local parish councils news letter posted through the door. Haydon wick living , and their ant not one , but two articles dedicated to this subject.

Just goes to show , little changes make a massive difference. What are your parish council doing ?


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