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Appletons Wildlife Diary – Letters from young naturalists

Letters from young naturalists

words by Alex White

This week I went to visit a class of young naturalists in a Primary school in Oxford.

They were an amazing group of children full of enthusiasm and knowledge.

Each one either brought in an object for the Nature Table or had a question about wildlife for me.

I wanted to say to all the children – Thank you for having me and I really enjoyed spending time with you all.

Hopefully here are the answers to some of your questions

1. How are you so good at this sort of thing at such a young age?
Lots of practice, getting outside as much as possible and lots of encouragement and help from other people

2. Will you come back and visit us?
Yes, I would love to come back, we could have a go with some cameras.

3. Are there any top tips you can give me?
Start in your garden or on the way to school. If you look carefully you will see lots of amazing stuff, you can then start taking photos of it.


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© Alex White / Appleton Wildlife Diary 2019

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