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Harmful wild animals

Harmful wild animals – or poor bio-security ?

By Peter Hanscomb

Recently an interesting article appeared on the BBC news web site . Local farmer complains of dangers of wild boars. Apparently on private land next to his farm are a group or sounder of wild boars. His response , there needs to be a cull because someone’s “finger could be taken off”

Maybe he’s more concerned with any potential damage to his land or crops. All to often caused by poor bio security and lack of investment by land owners . When are we going to fully cherish our wild neighbours and give them  the right to flourish ?

Here is a small snippet……..

“A farmer is calling for wild boar to be culled after spotting them in woods on the Longleat estate in Wiltshire.
He first saw up to five of the animals huddled together in December at Cannimore Woods near the Longleat safari park.
Farmer Michael Elce said: “They could quite easily kill a little dog. They are too near habitation.”
The Longleat estate said it was aware of boars locally but did not believe current numbers posed a risk.
A spokesman added wardens were monitoring the situation to ensure there was no risk to users of the estate.
Mr Elce said boar could be dangerous, adding: “They could quite easily take somebody’s finger off.
“They’re worse when they’ve got piglets, the sows will charge at anything when they’ve got piglets.”

read the full story at :


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