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Jeni Bell’s Wild Britain – Common Lizard

Common Lizard

words  by Jeni Bell

The continued adventures Of Jeni , Bill and Millie……..

“Sssshhh, come here – quickly!”

I never particularly enjoy being told to sssshhh, but I had figured Bill was shushing me for a wildlife related reason, as he was stood stock still staring intently at a clump of heather. I can make exceptions for wildlife related shushing.

“Look it’s just there,” Bill said, slowly pointing a finger at the clump of heather.

“What’s there?” I whispered back, slightly impatiently. I was trying to take photos of the teeming mass of wood ants that were marching back and forth across the path. None of whom would march themselves onto the only clear patch, which made photographing them just a little bit tricky. “I can’t see it!” I said as my gaze switched from ants to heather.

“It’s a lizard, on that leaf there,” Bill replied, slightly impatient, at me and my inability to spot the lizard that he clearly didn’t want me to miss.

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