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The Early Bird

The Early Bird

words by Peter Hanscomb

May bank holiday Monday, and a day off work with a long lazy morning in bed planned. Other than food shopping and watching the football playoffs ( soccer ) a rare day to relax and recharge. OK , you’ve probably already guessed things haven’t quite gone to plan .

Wind  the clock back a little , say to 5.30 am and the start of world war three at the peanut jar fence post . Thirty plus hungry Starlings making enough noise to attract every cat in the neighbourhood. So I decided to get my proposed lazy bones out of bed , picked up a camera and made my way the short distance to Mouldon Hill Park, my favourite local spot for wildlife .

My unplanned early morning adventure ended up being an enjoyable few hours by the lake and in the woods. The camera briefly burst into life , with no great end result but sometimes that’s the way it goes.

What did delight and entertain was the short glimpses of wildlife. Mr Fox on his way home after a Sunday night out, A young Roe deer , bounding across the path in front of me and several grey squirrels playing chase.

The birds didn’t disappoint either , my first sighting of a  Great Crested Grebe and it’s distinctive young with their black and white stripes. The resident pair of swans and my first glimpse this year of their cygnets. A very quick view of a tree creeper and the first Jay sighting this year.

Just goes to prove , no long lazy morning in bed , no stunning wildlife photographs , but still a positive and enjoyable few early morning hours out with Mother Nature.


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