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Garden 2019

The Garden 2019 – Update

words and pictures by Peter Hanscomb


Last year’s project was the garden , my attempt to see just how many different mammals , birds and insects I could attract to our average sized back garden. All the small improvements made last year continue to provide new opportunities to view and study new species as well as attracting all the usual suspects . So here is a brief update.

Central station , aka the apple tree continues to be the main attraction in the garden with birds and squirrels using the tree as a gateway to our garden , providing food and shelter. It’s peanut swing is still a firm favourite with the squirrels, as well as quite a few different species of birds. Whilst on the subject of birds , the blackbirds loves the new layer of bark , we obviously put the bark in the wrong place as Mr & Mrs blackbird spend most of their time rearranging it !

This video doesn’t exist

A couple of new bird visitors this year , for the first time a couple of crows , and also their distant cousins the  Jackdaw. Also a first, we have a family of blue tits in one of the nest boxes.  Speaking of lodgers, we also now have two resident hedgehogs . One is definitely Grumpy , one of the two hedgehogs who spent the winter in our lounge. The other we think is Tina , not quite sure but certainly looks like her. They are moving around  between the four hedgehog houses that we have dotted around the back garden.

The garden has become a haven for foodie critters, with a Hedgehog feeding station, the ever popular peanut swing and bird feeders , the bird table and last post aka the peanut jar , still the main attraction for our visiting starlings. The foxes have their own arrangement for food on the drive , speaking of which , we also have two new foxes . Peanuts “2” and Scraggy. Both of whom are early birds , waiting for dinner on the drive well before sunset.

The Mirror pond remains the place to hang out and grab a drink with friends and will soon be joined by Mirror pond 2, one of this year’s improvements. That only leaves the Wild flower meadow and insect hotels , making a bugs life that little bit more easier.

We have also upgraded the cctv so now have live feed from two critter cameras in the back garden.



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