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Words and pictures by Peter Hanscomb

IMG_2940So are Hedgehogs finally get to check out of the Hogotel. Grumpy has been joined by Tina and the day has come to release both hedgehogs in our back garden.  Both have been back to the rescue charity for a final health check . They are in really good condition , Grumps weighing in at just over 900g and Tina at 820g. Both seem ready to go and explore , and we’ve done all we can . It’s now up to Mother Nature.


Both Hedgehogs will be confined to the garden for a couple of nights , if you like a soft release and then the plan is to remove the temporary barriers on Tuesday . The garden has had a tidy up , two new hedgehog houses purchased and a new camera installed. Both hedgehogs have had a mini make over with luminous hog friendly nail paint so the camera should be able to pick them up and we can tell who’s who.

Good luck both of you !



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