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Return of the Hogs

Return of the Hogs

by Peter Hanscomb

We  have just finished , well when I say we I mean Anne the wife , cleaning the hedgehog room . As those who have been following the blog will know we have had two hedgehogs staying with us over the winter months , Happy and Grumpy. Last Thursday they made the return trip back to the rescue charity for pre release health checks. Our small part in their journey back to the wild  complete.  Or so we thought….

Cages cleaned and stored away for next time , carpet cleaned . Weekend away in London to celebrate our new found freedom . And then the phone call. Can we help release the hedgehogs , back into the wild, also known as our garden !

Anne drove to the rescue centre today , but the tale has a twist. Waiting to come home was our little friend Grumpy , but it turns out Happy has escaped , or at least gone missing .

There was however a bigger surprise, two hogs waiting to be collected . So just who is the other hedgehog. Your going to have to cast your mind back along way , it’s the little hog we rescued from the garden last year , Tina !

Cages back out , gardener coming tomorrow so they get a bonus night in the hog hotel tonight . New hog houses coming tomorrow and the the big release at the weekend.

Welcome home Grumpy and Tina !

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