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Wild Wife

Wild Wife

Words Peter Hanscomb

Wild Wife , strange title for a blog I know but don’t worry  , I’m not in trouble with the wife for spending too much money on a new camera ( might be now she knows ?? ) or spending too much time writing blogs. It’s also not a spelling mistake or predictive text,  all is explained later in this blog……

Anyway , in the meantime it has been a very busy month here at the Wild HQ.  A small revamp of the blogs menu tabs , so now hopefully it’s a little easier to navigate around the site. ( please let me know what you think  ) We also have a new guest blogger and future superstar / film maker / author in the making , Alex White.

But the big news of the month is the couple of  milestones the blog past in March.  One million hits on the blog , 127 countries  and our 250th blog.  A big Thank you  to Bob , Graham , Jo , Jeni , Alex and Natasha for their contributions. Also thank you to all of you our there all around the world who have followed , commented and liked the blog. Your continued support is much appreciated!

IMG_4651There is however one very important person not on the list above who’s had more influence on wildonline than anyone else . Indeed she’s the reason this blog exists, Anne my wife.

I have recently had the pleasure of being interviewed  by Barrie Hudson for my local newspaper, the Swindon Advertiser and began the interview with the story of how wildonline started almost as a byproduct of my wife’s illness. Thankfully Anne is now back to full health and the blog is also doing quite well.

Thank you Anne. ❤️

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