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Jeni Bell’s Wild Britain – Travel


words and picture by Jeni Bell

The continued adventures Of Jeni , Bill and Millie……..

Two blogs in one week – that’s a rarity – I’ll try not make too much of a habitat of it, but I just wanted to share some news with you all. I’ll keep it brief.

Last year, whilst we were out on the road, I decided to try my hand at writing an article for a magazine and submitting it. Just to see what happened. I wasn’t expecting it to come to anything and just the act of putting pen to paper (or fingertip to keyboard) was satisfying enough in itself. If anything, it was just a nice way to pass a rainy evening – reflecting on our travels and tribulations.

I was more than surprised to find that not only was my submission received but successful.


So, if you enjoy the blog and would like to find out a little bit more about the van, our travels and our reasons for hitting the road – then you can find our story in this month’s edition of Campervan Magazine.

To read more head to:

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