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Appletons Wildlife Diary – Climate Strike

Climate Strike

words by Alex White

“Water is rising and so are we!” and “We are missing our lessons so we can teach you one” were just two of many banners that were on display at the Climate Strike in Oxford, Bonn Square on Friday. In Oxford there were around 1000 students who had made the decision to abandon lessons to protest for their future.

Oxford joined around 110 cities in the U.K and 1660 world-wide. Each small voice joining together with over 1.5 million other voices.

One primary school student said “I may be small but that doesn’t mean I can’t make a difference.” This is what I felt Oxford appeared to be. Small but powerful.

It was amazing and heartwarming to see both older and younger generations, banners and all, come together to raise awareness of the threat of Climate change.

Climate change is a serious threat towards the survival of humanity. The Paris Agreement states that all developed countries need to hold the increase in the global average temperature to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels so that we can have a chance at reducing the risks and impacts of climate change, and yet here we are, school pupils having to miss lessons to gain the attention of decision makers who decide how much pollution is being released or if there was going to be a limit on how much fossil fuels the U.K would use.

Want to read more about Climate Strike , follow the link to Alex’s blog

© Alex White / Appleton Wildlife Diary 2019

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