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My Kit Bag

My Kit Bag by Peter Hanscomb


Right from the start of my photographic journey my camera of choice has been Canon. At that time and within my budget the best reviews where for Canon’s 550d camera . My first taste of a dslr and to be honest I was hooked right from the start. I guess like most new snappers I struggled with direction , photographing this and that, animals , macro landscapes and people. It soon became clear to me that wildlife  was my preferred subject.

Right good , settled on what I wanted to photograph, now what about my kit. It didn’t take to long to realise that changing lenses whilst out in the field isn’t a good option so body no 2 arrived . Canon’s 70d , a good update on my first body and now I could shoot simultaneously with two different lenses. Both cameras have served me well and I still own both. The 70d has been passed on to my wife and the 550d is used in the garden with a trigger trap.


The arrival of body number 3 was for me a game changer. Canon’s 5d mk iii. My first full frame dslr as still my go to camera body . This was quickly followed by the 5d s , Canon’s 50.6MP monster. Both share the same layout and body style, and together are the main stay for my photographic shoots. I do occasionally glance at Canon’s new 5d mk iiii but then think just how much I like my current pair of cameras.


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