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Spikes Hog Cam -The Inmates


Hog Watch , proudly sponsored by Spikes Hedgehog Food


The Inmates.

So both of our Hedgehogs are doing well , have settled in and are putting on weight. We now have names , number 36 , say hello to Mr Grumpy. Number 55 who’s at the other end of the happiness spectrum Mr Happy. Neither really enjoys being handled but they both cope in different ways . Grumpy is definitely an escape artist in the making. Happy’s quite content to curl up in a ball.

Grump arrived at Oak and Farrow rescue centre on the 20th October last year , one of five hoglets rescued in the Chippenham area . When he arrived his weight was only 118g, today he’s a healthy 901g.

Happy is also from the Chippenham area, one of three hoglets rescued on the 26th October who weighed in at 122g when he arrived at Oak and Farrow. He’s now 988g and a new member of weight watchers.








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