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Spikes Hog Cam -The Good , the Bad and the Grumpy..


Hog Watch , proudly sponsored by Spikes Hedgehog Food


Here we are , welcome to 2019 and a quick update about our two winter guests. We have now settled into a routine and both are doing well.. We still don’t have names for the two boy’s but they have very different  personalities.

One is good as gold. We only handle them once a day. They are lifted into a food mixing bowl, weighed and the tipped back gentle into their clean cage. Hog one lets me pick him up, sits in the bowl with no problems. Once back into his cage he’s off to sleep.

Hog number two is a totally different story. He doesn’t like being handled. He makes a hissing sound and won’t settle in the bowl. Once back into the cage he normally heads straight to his water bowl and tips it over.

In reality they are very easy to look after. We have settled on a diet of cat food , the  occasional grape and dried banana chips.




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