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Spikes Hog Cam – 24 hours in Hogland


Hog Watch , proudly sponsored by Spikes Hedgehog Food


Day 8 The daily routine.

Well here we are, eight days in and we are now set in our daily routine. The two hedgehogs have their own room and a cage each . The cages are covered with a fleece blanket all day , partly to help maintain a nice cosy temperature and also to maintain a level of darkness in the cage.


They are really very easy to look after , we try and keep contact between the hogs and humans to a minimum , but they do need a basic health check and food so here’s a quick quite to our daily routine.

The day starts early in hogland. A 6 am roll call and we’re off . The fleece is removed and the one at a time the hedgehogs are removed from the cage , weighed and given a quick check over. Whilst this is happening all the bedding from the previous night is removed , the cage base is cleaned  and we replaced the old bedding with fresh ripped up newspaper. The water bowl is cleaned and refilled and a bowl of semi dry food pellets added. The hedgehog is then returned to his fresh new home and recovered with his fleece blanket.


The weight , condition and amount of food consumed are then recorded onto each hogs daily record chart. To clean and weight both hedgehogs takes about 20 minutes.


We check on the hedgehogs during the day , to make sure they have enough bedding and water. The next time we open the cage is at 6 pm with their evening food , normally a small tin of cat food. Then it’s lights out for the night till 6am the next morning.


We are still looking for names , email your choice to






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