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Jeni Bell’s Wild Britain

The continued adventures Of Jeni , Bill and Millie……..


I will admit that so far on this trip, whilst I have frequently reached for my trusty binoculars, I haven’t picked up my camera quite as much as I would have liked. Now it’s not that there haven’t been any opportunities, there have been plenty, more than plenty infact. It’s just that each time an opportunity has presented itself I’ve found every reason not to take the shot; the lighting was off, or the background was too busy, the subject was too far away, too much contrast, not enough light, blah blah blah. Basically, I was just convinced that I wouldn’t do the creature/location justice, so I didn’t bother. I’ll let you in on a little secret – this is NOT a good approach to a hobby, ever! Practice and mistakes in abundance are the only way to progress. Photos do not take themselves they need to be taken and let’s face it with an abundance of wildlife and Mull practically on our doorstep here in Ardnamurchan I was running out of excuses for keeping the camera in the bag.

Mull is pretty much the mecca for wildlife watching. Seriously, it has it all: otters, white tailed sea eagles, stags, golden eagles, hen harriers, pine martens the list goes on. It’s all there amidst the stunning array of vast and varied habitat, it really is a true cornucopia of wildlife encounters just waiting to happen and I desperately wanted to get in on the action.

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