Jo Angell – The Robin

The Robin

by Jo Angell


A special moment between a parent and young Robin made it into my calendar for the month of July.
One of our favourite small garden birds, I have to say I love Robins and have them visiting my garden regularly. I have bird feeders set up in my garden and while robins tend to be more ground feeders its not uncommon to see them flying up and hovering at the hanging feeders feeding on the fatballs, seeds, peanuts and of course their favourites dried mealworms which I tend to put on a tray or the bird table. Once the robins along with the other small garden birds find the food in the garden they revisit time and time again and am frequently refilling them!

I feed the birds from around autumn time when they start to come into the gardens more looking for food and will return again and again. There’s a few robins that tend to nest each year in surrounding gardens more often than not in dense ivy covered fences.

Last spring I knew the robins had successfully had a brood of chicks as the parent birds were backwards and forwards into my garden – favouring the mealworms and at times were non stop. Once the young start to fledge they follow the parent birds. The wonderful little brown speckled chested robin lucky for me came into my garden and wanted to be fed, if you’ve ever seen a bird feeding their young you know how persistant the little ones can be…. beaks open, wings flapping, leaning forward facing Mum and waiting for their important meal.

How I took the photo…

My garden is on 2 levels, the patio leads up to a couple of sleepers which form a couple of steps onto a more raised part of the garden which is part lawn area and part slate. The robins were in the middle of the garden with the young robin keen to be fed, mealworms out and ready. The key is watching them and being ready without any disturbance to the subject – often easier said then done but on this occasion I was! Knelt down on the patio completely quiet and ready I just watched and waited until the right moment, camera on silent shutter and while not completely silent it does make a big difference when you have the wildlife right in front of you.

Often some of the best wildlife moments can be as close to home as this.

Keep posted for Augusts calendar photo!

To see more of my recent photos you can find me on my Facebook group ‘Jo Angell Photography’ or follow me on Flickr.

© Jo Angell

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