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The Garden – Half time

So my plan way back in January was to try and make my back garden / yard more attractive to wildlife with a few minor improvements and then to document via my camera’s the different species using the garden. Some of the improvements have worked , a few haven’t and along the way a few surprising outcomes.  The garden layout hasn’t changed at all , still a lawn surrounded by a border containing a few trees and flowers , with a few bird feeders, so let me take you on an updated tour.


Grand Central Station or Apple Tree is still the hub of the garden , with most new feathered arrivals heading for the apple tree. Not much has changed here apart from a new bird feeder.

The Lookout Tower or  has seen a lot of action. a favoured spot for the Doves to hang out and the centre piece of the garden.

The Last Post , that’s a Jar feeder to you and me, and it  has seen an awful lot of action this year. This is definitely the Starling’s domain , and the scene of many a fight for control of the feeder. It has also attracted the attention of one of the squirrel’s and one visit from a Sparrow Hawk who was responsible for reducing  the Starling count by one !


The Boarder Lands , the bark covered boarder. One of the big changes here , new pot’s , new plants and the addition of the Mirror Pond. So the Mirror Pond is one of the improvements that hasn’t quite worked out as intended. Maybe its in the wrong spot or maybe it’s too small however it has been a hit with the birds and a certain new arrival to the garden…….more later on ?

The Wild Flower meadow has now been planted and is coming along nicely , together with the two insect hotels which already have had a lot of guest’s check in.


So that’s the Birds , insects , squirrels and flowers covered. For me , as a wildlife photographer my first love has to be British mammals , so here we go with the exciting news ( not really news if you have been following the blog !! )

Fox Cam , has been a roaring success , we now have up to 6 foxes regularly visiting the front garden , and a couple in the back garden every night. Peanut’s , Limpy , Timid Tim and Scraggy have become part of the furniture . They are still very much wild , and will only tolerate my presence provided i have a steady supply of eggs with me.


And last , but by no means least are my new mates , Heidi and one eye our resident Hedgehogs. Fox Cam had picked up a single Hedgehog in the front garden. Anne suggested we purchase a hedgehog house for the back garden and the next day despite my protests we went to a local garden centre and purchased a very fine slate roofed house for the hogs. Now i have to admit that i had my doubts that any  hedgehog would call the house home but , two days later Heidi moved in , and now we are expecting little hogs any day.


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So has the project been a success , so far at half time it’s an definite yes , 11 species of birds , new insects , squirrel’s , foxes and hedgehogs. And not to mention hour after hour of great wildlife viewing.


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