Jo Angell – The Four Spotted Chaser

The Four Spotted Chaser 

by Jo Angell



Four spotted Chaser Dragonfly featured in my calendar for the month of June

Hot summer months, May through to September often the height of the summer months are really wonderful for capturing invertebrate photos. I always find time to focus my attention on butterflies, dragonflies and Damselflies and any other wonderful invertebrates that come my way during the summer. There really is nothing quite like going out on a hot summers day to hear the buzz of the dragonfly wings as they patrol over the waters. Catching the sparkle of the wings in the sunlight as the hunt over the wild flower meadows for their next meal really is a sight to behold.

I have many local ponds and lakes where I watch and photograph these magnificent creatures. This particular Four spotted chaser dragonfly was at a pond which often makes for good photos as if the area is too vast often the dragonflies are too far away to photograph well. Lucky enough this dragonfly landed on the perch, it was a really sunny day and I managed to position myself with the sun directly behind me leaning on the railing around the ponds edge! (always make sure its a sturdy one if doing this)!!

For this photo I used my longest telephoto lens at full range of 600mm with good light and positioned as I was I was able to capture the perched dragonfly with nicely lit wings and as the sun hit the water it created a nice natural bokeh (background blur) with complimenting tones.

My first lens choice for daytime dragonflies would generally be a medium telephoto lens of 70-300, a nice light lens perfect for handholding which I personally favour as it allows complete free movement when the dragons are in full flight, so I wouldn’t always choose this longer focal length of a heavier telephoto lens that I used for this shot but at the time its what I had and it worked well in this instance!

I have definitely seen an abundance of dragonflies the last few days with the hot weather we currently have so its a great time to see them.

To see more of my wildlife photo’s please feel free to join my facebook group page ‘Jo Angell Photography’ or via flickr Jo Angell.

© Jo Angell

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