Fox Cam – 16/4/18


Another night of fun and high jinx here at Fox Cam HQ , and a dilemma. Most of the gang made an appearance at some point during the night. Limpy took advantage several times during the night and even brought along a date for a cheap night out !

Tim as usual didn’t want to walk on the slate and decided he’d go for a Takeway, stealing the whole bowl of food . Still no reappearance of Scraggy , been over a week now.

So on to my dilemma, Peanuts. For the past few nights she’s been waiting for the food to arrive. Last night for the second night in a row she watched me set up the camera from the end of the drive, so in real terms less than a cars length away.  I should say that I don’t feel threatened by her presence as there’s no aggression shown, it’s either curiosity or she just wants to get to the food first.

And here’s my dilemma, I have always maintained an ethical approach to wildlife photography. Whilst like any photographer I’m always striving to get that perfect shot, it’s not going to happen at the detriment of the animals wellbeing and safety. My concern is that Peanuts may become to familiar with my presence and this could put her in danger.  I firmly believe that her rights to live a wild , albeit urban life is more important than a few photographs and videos in my portfolio……

Anyway here are a couple of short clips from last night, including Tim’s Monday night takeaway……..

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