Jo Angell – Dreaming of Daisies

Dreaming of daisies

by Jo Angell

As I turn my calendar to April I realise why this is one of my favourite photo’s I’ve taken. A very simple image but one that remains a firm favourite for me, it has the cuteness factor and always makes me smile as I remember the magical encounter of watching the little gosling family sleeping amongst the daisies!


How I took the shot;

I had partly planned this shot to a certain extent, I knew the location well and knew there would be a good number of goslings or ducklings around and it was all just a matter of timing. Timing that the daisies were out, the weather was ok, in fact the weather was perfect, good light with a little cloud which was perfect to just diffuse the light a little. On cue when I visited the little family of goslings were all in the spot when I arrived. (if only this happened with all my wildlife encounters)!! The little goslings were all huddled together with the parents close by keeping a watchful eye.

So as I lay on the grass some distance away with my longest telephoto lens on, some of the goslings started to wake and have a little wonder, this particular little gem was quite comfy in the daisy bed enjoying some more sleep. This then gave me the time to think about composition more, whether to zoom in more or not, it allowed me time to compose some wonderful photos and by some chance the 2 little daisies by the goslings face were perfectly positioned (naturally) for a perfect aesthetically pleasing photo.

Sometimes its all about planning, being prepared and lots of patience with a little bit of luck thrown in for good measure. I wish this happened more often than not but what I’ve learnt with wildlife photography is it requires a lot of hard work and dedication too.

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