Jo Angell – Little Owl

The Little Owl

by Jo Angell

Half way through March already and I’m really not sure how that happened! So a couple of weeks ago I turned my calendar over to one of my favourite birds. The Little Owl.


If you didn’t already know I absolutely love owls, and it took me 3 years on the look out for a little owl before I came across my first wild little owl that just happened to be a 5 min drive from home in Buckinghamshire. I will always remember the first sighting of this little bird, found purely by a gut instinct which I often get while out in the field in certain areas and locations.

I was stood in a middle of a field seeing what wildlife was about, I always scan trees for birds of prey that may be perched up but this time I randomly took a photo of a very distant tree. At the time I even thought to myself ‘why did I do that’ the tree was so far away. So I zoomed in on my camera and noticed a small round lump of something sat right in the middle of this tree. ‘Little Owl’ popped into my head but on a second thought thinking it could just be part of the tree trunk….. I walked towards the tree and every few meters took another photo. It was indeed a little owl roosting – It felt like I’d just won the lottery!!

The Little Owl as the name suggests is so very little and I don’t think I ever realised how small until I saw one at close quarters. These owls measure around 22cm in height. They typically feed on worms, beetles, small mammals and birds.

I’ve been lucky enough to get quite close to this particular owl, often unintentionally. I feel very lucky to have captured some wonderful photos showing the owl in its natural habitat, roosting up in the day in an old willow tree.

To see more of my wildlife photography from my local area of Buckinghamshire you can find me on Facebook – ‘Jo Angell Photography’ or via my Flickr page

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