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To Photo Shop , or Not

Hard to believe I know with the UK gripped by a sudden cold snap , but winter is nearly over. All the key indicators point to the arrival of spring , annual holiday to snowy Canada complete ✔️ . The days are getting longer ✔️. The grass in the garden has started to grow ✔️.

Only one more major hurdle to overcome and then it’s full speed to spring , warmer weather and longer days. The hurdle is my annual pilgrimage to the NEC in Birmingham , otherwise known as the Photographic Show.

I have been attending the photo show for a few years , always a good day out and a great place to look , touch and play with loads of new and exciting photographic gear. Every year it’s the same , I set myself a budget to spend and promise myself that even if I find that new shiny gadget I can’t live without , I’m not going over budget to buy it. Every year I end up buying at least one item that takes me over budget and most of the time my new gadget that’s going to improve my photography ends up still sat in its box , unused.

So this year it’s time for a new tactic, no budget and no shopping list ! What can go wrong . Only time will tell.

The Photography Show is on from Saturday 17th to Tuesday 20th March 2018


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