Jo Angell – The Stonechat

The Stonechat

by Jo Angell

So for the month of February my calendar the photo shows off the beautiful Stonechat.


The Stonechat – a striking little bird and similar in size to the Robin. The male being the most striking in colour with a rusty red breast, a darker blackish head and legs. The male has white patches on the side of the neck and a white patch on the wings and rump. The female being a duller version.

The last couple of years I have definitely seen an increase in stonechats in my local area. This particular pair I see were flitting around a scrub area in one of my local nature reserves. They had some favourite lookout spots where they would perch up and hunt for insects, drop down to the ground, feed and come back up to perch. I stood quietly and watched them and a rather obliging pair they were. I watched as one went from a wooden post to some dried vegetation which proved to be a lovely natural perch, I took some shots as the stonechat sat tall and turned to look back for a short moment. Not only did the stonechat perch on a attractive perch but the warming tones of the bird compliments the background tones perfectly.

I love wildlife images that show the subject in their natural habitat, and I try to achieve this in a lot of my images, showing this tells you something about the subject and allows the viewer to gain more of an insight into the bird or animals world.



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