Little Foxes

Little Foxes is a wildlife rescue centre based in Oxfordshire,  founded in 1998 that specialises in helping sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. The registered charity is based in the home of the charities founder Penny Little. Penny’s home is now the nerve centre of the charities operation and it’s here that the casualties are taken for assessment and initial treatment. After the initial assessment  veterinary treatment, x-rays and surgery is always available if required.

The animal will then either remain with Penny for the remainder of it’s recovery or is rehomed for rehabilitation with one of Little Foxes network of nine trained and trusted fosterers. Like Penny they are all volunteers, Little Foxes have no paid staff.

The dedicated team of foster carers look after a wide range of British Wildlife , around 600 per year with some specialising in certain species for example hedgehogs , foxes and badgers. Their experience in caring for these animals has given them a deep insight into the animals needs and how best to help them thrive. As for Penny she says,

” I cannot deny that for me , the fox cubs are the dearest to my heart, but I also find myself every year gladly taking on the rearing of deer fawns, Badger cubs , birds of prey etc. etc. etc. “

The charities website offers advise and information about how and more importantly when to intervene and help rescue a wild animal in need. There are basic guidelines to follow if you come across a baby bird or Mammal which you think may need rescuing. If you are in any doubt the charity also have an advice telephone number , 01844 279 469. The phone line is often very busy , so for general enquiries other than reporting a casualty, or for more information you can email the team at

Little Foxes is run entirely by a dedicated team of volunteers, no paid staff or expensive offices so all the money donated goes directly to the care of the animals ( the average cost of caring for an orphaned fox is around £900 ) The website contains all the details of just how you can help Little Foxes continue to deliver this valuable service , either by making a donation , becoming a Member or donating material items , food, medical supplies, towels and bedding or stationery items. A full list is available on the website.

Hotline      01844 279 469




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