Let it Snow

Great it’s snowing , so what most of my friends from colder climates might say but let me tell you , it’s a rare treat for us folk who live in southern England. Even better it’s a good covering , and a camera day , yippee. But hold on , the Police have closed the bottom of my road . No escape to the winter wonderland so instead a little update reference project garden and a few teasers about what’s coming up next year.


The snow covered garden.

Project Garden

So in the garden we have built the wooden trough that will house the insect hotel and the wild flower bed. The mirror pool has arrived and will be installed in the new year. Wild flower seeds have also arrived so it’s all systems go!

Coming Next Year

Plans for next year are all coming along well. Some of the new features will include,

  • A new guest blogger joining the team.
  • The Garden Bird project.
  • Wildonline’s new charity partnership.
  • The return of Bob’s Blog.
  • Summer photography competition

Last but certainly not least , from the team , a big thank you for your continued support.



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