Location, Location, Location, The Garden

The garden , or to be precise my back garden.  My plan is simple , make the garden more attractive, encourage a wide range of British birds to visit , and document via my cameras the different species that visit the garden next year. 

So down to the basics, my rear garden is fully enclosed and measures 14m x 10m ( 28 yards x 20 yards roughly ) so not huge. I have one apple tree , one plum tree , one cherry tree and several conifer trees. A large bark boarder , lawn and a full length flag stone patio. Currently I have one raised bird bath, one bird table and three bird feeders plus the squirrels swing.


I have a few improvements and new garden features on the way , so let me take you on a tour of my garden.

Grand Central Station – aka the apple tree.  This seems to be the hub of the garden , a great arrival point for incoming birds and a favoured resting spot for our resident squirrels. Two bird feeders hang from the tree and it also has the squirrel swing.

The Lookout Tower – aka the bird table . Another popular spot , particularly with the wood pigeon and collared doves.

The Boarder Lands – aka the bark boarder. A great adventure playground for blackbirds, who have great fun digging for insects and throwing bark all over the lawn.

The Last Post – aka the jar feeder. This is the place the visiting starlings love to hang out at , and it can get quite lively here at feeding time.

Coming soon……………. Wild flower box and the insect hotel , opens for guests early spring and Mirror lake , again due to open early spring.

The Garden Hides

My plan is to attract and film as many British garden birds as possible next year ( 2018 ) I have two hides available in the garden. Kitchen hide , ok so it’s a patio door from the kitchen but it should do the trick and Office hide , yep you guessed it , a patio door from our home office which also faces directly out onto the rear garden. I will also be using a couple of trail cameras and a remote RF Triggertrap, so there should be no excuses for missing any action.

Hopefully with a limited space and even smaller budget I can encourage a more diverse range of birds and insects to visit The Garden. I will post regular updates and a list of all my new house guests starting from the 1st January 2018.



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