Fish For Friday ?

It doesn’t happen often but today was one of those rare occasions, a Friday out of the office , and with no family duties to perform an even rarer free pass day.

I decided to scout around a few locations that have slipped under the radar recently. Not looking for anything in particular I armed myself with my trusty 5d mark iii and a 70/200mm lens. Off we go . Arrived at my first stop and within half an hour remembered why it had fallen under the radar. Still not to worry , onwards and upwards , or at least onto location number two.

At first I thought I was in for much of the same and then wham bam , my day just turned upside down. There right before me in a small lake near the far bank was a real life,  fishing Otter.

If only I had my longer lens with me , still I managed to spend half an hour watching the Otter catch fish , return to the bank to eat and then repeat again , and again.

The picture may not be the best I have ever taken , but I really didn’t think I would find an Otter this close to home. Think I might have found a new favourite spot.


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