Jo Angell

Name.              Jo Angell

Location.         Milton Keynes, Buckingham , UK

Age.                  38

Jo , the winner of our first photography competition gives us the lowdown on her favourite three photos , location and her choice of camera.
Hello Jo, what is your current camera ?  A Canon 7d Mark 2
How long been you been interested in photography ?   I bought my first DSLR 5 years ago.
What was your  first camera ? A Canon 600D
What’s your favourite animal / subject ?  A tough one, I love Owls, Kingfishers, Foxes, Hares, Butterflies & Dragonflies …. the list is pretty endless so not sure I could pick just one!
Where’s your Favourite location ? Has to be my local area of Buckinghamshire as this is where I spend most of my time out with the camera. Despite Milton Keynes being fairly built up and more housing developments currently being built, there are so many beautiful wildlife hotspots here.

What gives you inspiration ? I take inspiration from the nature and wildlife I see when out and about with the camera, its easy to rush on by but taking the time to observe the beauty in everything which can so easily be missed. Its the intricate details that the eye often can’t see but the image from a macro lens can.

We asked Jo to select three of her favourite images:


Wild Little Owl – taken just 10 mins from home, A beautiful family of Little owls which I have watched and photographed for the last 2 years now. No hides used just a chance close encounter as I walked through the field. Sometimes its about timing and a little luck!


Fox – Eye to eye – Again taken just 5 mins from home at a local nature reserve, caught sight of this fox and with a bit of fieldcraft managed to grab just a few shots as he turned and looked at me.


Seal at Horsey Beach, Norfolk. A beautiful sight seeing hundreds of these on the beach. For this image I kept my distance and used a long telephoto lens with a low POV.g

What’s your Top Tip ?  My top tip would be to observe and learn as much about the subject’s behaviour that you want to photograph, its surprising what you can learn if you take the time to do this and it will eventually pay off with some great photo’s!
Jo where can we see more of your work.    My Facebook page ‘Jo Angell Photography’ or Flickr


Jo Angell’s winning photograph, wildonline summer photography competition 

all images copyrighted and courtesy of Jo Angell Photography 

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