Photo Competition Winner

Congratulations to Jo Angell , winner of our first summer photo competition with this stunning shot of three common blue butterflies. Jo wins the Takeway mini tripod and ltd edition Wild Mug.


Jo says , My interest in wildlife started as a child, I remember sitting for hours upon hours looking at my Dad’s old Bird books and drawing the different birds of prey from the illustrations in the books. Fast forward many years and starting a family of my own and leaving my full time office job meant I would spend a lot of time out and about with my children and that’s when I started to notice what was around me more and more. I purchased my first DSLR a few years back which has now completely rekindled my love and passion for wildlife through photography.

Working part time and having a busy family life I’ve discovered the best way to achieve my wildlife shots is to stay as local as possible and keep returning to the same area’s even if I only had an hour to spare. I remember the first few times about 3 years ago when I started to visit a local meadow, I thought there was no wildlife there. I kept returning and finally I saw lots of butterflies – too fast for me to capture but I knew they were there. After 100’s of visits and a couple of years on, I now know their favourite roosting spots and best times to see them.

As in the photo taken this summer, I was lucky enough to find these beauties – three ‘Common Blues’ roosting up together in the evening light.

More images can be seen on my facebook page

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