One – Done

Time on location 3:00 hours Remaining time 13:00 hours Job done. After 11 hours on location , camera , man and fox finally meet.   The new camouflage jacket worked a treat , the fox had no idea where myself and the camera was hiding. In the end , plenty of time left and the [...]

Meet the Model – Brian the Badger

Say hello to Brian the Badger (Meles Meles) Despite being rarely seen during daylight hours ,Badgers are easily recognisable and widespread on the British mainland. The low set animal has a solid frame , black and white striped face with grey body hair and a lighter underside.With an average weight of 15 kg the Badger has [...]


 Time on location 3:00 hours    Remaining time 16:00 hours Back on location for the second night in a row , and a new tactic, For the first time I used a remote trigger with concealed tripod . Decided to use a Trigger Trap with a 15mt extension cable and it worked a treat . [...]


Time on location 3:00 hours.    Remaining time 19:00 hours So finally back to location, another three hours at dusk and still not a single click in anger. Still tried my new winter camouflage jacket, worked a treat and no problems with the light rain or cold. I had a couple of visitors, a muntjac [...]

Photo Competition Winner

Congratulations to Jo Angell , winner of our first summer photo competition with this stunning shot of three common blue butterflies. Jo wins the Takeway mini tripod and ltd edition Wild Mug. Jo says , My interest in wildlife started as a child, I remember sitting for hours upon hours looking at my Dad's old [...]

Bobs Blog – With a camera like that

With a camera like that you are bound to take excellent photos by Bob Brind-Surch, professional photographer and naturalist . I was recently reflecting on an attempt I made some years ago to photograph nesting great crested grebes. I was sitting by a local lake looking across at a nest on a small promontory [...]