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One , a personal photographic challenge for September.

So let me explain, there is a lot of noise on social media about the rise of the ” canned wildlife photographer” someone who fills their albums and memory cards with images shot in controlled environments at wildlife photographic centres and hides.

Personally I count myself as a bit of a hybrid , I have visited several wildlife photographic centres in the UK and a number of the photos used in the “meet the model” section of this blog have their origins from this source. I would never try to pass these images off as taken in the wild and as I never enter any photographic competitions  I really don’t see any issue. Plus to me a photo experience day is a great way to meet fellow wildlife snappers , professional photographers who can help me to learn and develop my skills , and swap tips and tricks.

However, for me nothing beats being out on location , on my own and at one with nature and my surroundings ( I don’t even have to unpack my camera ) Field craft takes time to master and I am still learning , I guess you never actually stop leaning, So with this in mind here’s the challenge I have set myself for September.


One day ( 24 hours ) spread over one month
One location
One camera body
One lens
One target subject
One ( fingers crossed ) stunning image

I will keep you up dated during the month on my progress and hopefully reveal the One stunning image on the 30th September………..

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  1. Couldn’t agree more, nothing beats that feeling when you finally capture something truly wild, no hides, just hours upon hours of time spent out and about. Fieldcraft comes from knowing your subject and their behaviours, the rewarding image comes after that. (Patience, persistence and practise)!

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  2. Photo centres are great to learn your craft. The animals may be “captive” but it gives you a chance to play with your settings and think about how you compose the shot all of which will be of benefit out in the wild. A day out with the camera not knowing if you will even get a shot in the wild is the best experience ever and when something does show up being able to draw on experience from controlled environments can make all the difference. That said a photo that is pleasing to the eye is just that no matter where you took it!

    Ps my entry in your competition was about as wild as you will get 😁

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