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Kit Bag – Takeway Clampod T1

Like most photographers i’m guilty of buying al-sorts of camera gizmo’s , many of which end up in one of my storage boxes gathering dust. The Takeway Clampod T1 definitely doesn’t fall into this category. In fact i now own four clampods and never leave the house without at least one in my kit bag. The website quotes ” every photographer should have one in their kit bag ” and having used a clampod for the past year , i find it hard to disagree !


The Takeway T1 clampod weighs just 200g, with a maximum load capacity 40kg. It is supplied complete with a ball head that has a maximum load capacity of 3kg , more than capable of holding a mid sized DSLR and lens. Made of aerospace grade aluminium alloy, the clampod is light and feels strong and sturdy. The design allows you to use the clampod as a free standing mini tripod , or you can use the jaws to clamp your camera to branches , posts even you bike.


The 1/4 inch thread means the clampod can be used to fix / mount not only your camera , but trail cameras , off camera flash guns and remote triggers. I use the clampods to mount trail cameras and one of the features i love is the ability to thread a steel cable padlock through the body of the clampod , helping to keep both the trail camera and clampod safe and secure whilst out on location . I have left the clampod out on location for months at a time , exposed to the great British weather . Again the clampod performs well with no issues to date.

The kit includes the clamp body , a ball head smart phone holder and carry pouch. Available from most outlets online with a retail price of £ 49.99 and comes complete with a three year warranty . For more details head to


For a chance to win a Takeway Clampod T1 Enter our summer Photo Competition

Available from Wex Photographic


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